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Magnolias New Era
There are not enough words to describe how special this horse and companion is in my life. Thunder is a very special, querky, and extremely spoiled horse. Don't tell him he is a horse because I am sure he will disagree. He is part of the family. I bought him in 1999 when he was 3. We will live out the rest of our lives together. He is a finished 1D barrel horse that loves his job. My life would be incomplete without him. 
Hoytie Toytie Barrel Racing Animals 
Calamity Jane
This Mare was a late bloomer. I would have called her an ugly duckling. Mudder Hitch and I were there when she was born. She has been part of our lives for 12 years. Though she hasn't been much use in the rodeo world till the last couple of years she is making leaps and bounds in her training now. We're expecting alot from her in the future. It has been suggested that some of her traits come straight from me. She doesn't like alot of attention or loven but ask her to work and she will give you all she has. Try and make her work, well katy bar the door. We love CJ.
Rebel Debel Dog
You can rest assure that Rebel is somewhere close by. She would rather spend 10 hours in the truck traveling and waiting on me than to stay home alone. She is 9 years old. With personality galore she keeps me company and we discuss every move in our career path. Although her name is Rebel she has many alias's. Wigs, Wiggles, Punkin Hiney, Wig girl and so forth. Did  I mention that she has several songs as well. We sing her special songs to her daily. Yes, my VP is very influential in my daily routine. 
Spazzy Cat
A barn isn't complete without a barn cat. Spaz is a cool kitten. Started as an indoor cat. Neutured and de-clawed when he was very young. Then we moved to the country and he just had to go outside. His little heart is as big as a lions. He runs the roost and brings me his trophies often. Everyone is fairly certain he stays so soft and fluffy because of his cotton tail diet. He stays clean as well and it has been suggested that he may be a Vampire kitty. Whatever he is, we love him and he snuggles right up next to me at night.
Mack Trux
Mac trux was love at first sight! With a name like that he was destined to be part of this team. I will admit that God had a hand in this relationship and I give a great big Thank you for that! After only being here about a week, he has quickly made himself at home. Finished on the pattern, wonderful manners, sweet, and gorgeous, with a ton of speed. The plan is to take a couple months to get him in tip top shape and get our timing together. He's a sure fire pay window type of horse. I can't wait to make that first run. Join me in welcoming Mac Trux, affectionately known as Trucker!

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Smokin Blue Flash
Smoke comes t0 us for training and breeding. He has an amazing mind and disposition. Everyday he shows growth and a willingness to please. Gorgeous and respectful, a great combinationOur hopes for him is that he will excel in many athletic events. This young man has old sought after blood lines. Blue Valentine and Hancock! Balanced confirmation and color. We cant wait to post pictures of him once he has slicked off that winter coat. Keep an eye on this young man. For More Information on breeding fees please send us a message.
Blue Streak
Blue has earned the affectionate name of "Scooby" and he is right off the track and only a young man. However he has the mind of a well seasoned rodeo horse. Always calm and willing with quite the speed and athletic ability. As the newest barrel prospect here we have high hopes for him. He comes to us by way of another excellent horseman and we hope to make him happy as he watches Scooby's training progress.